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benefits of holistic doula and postpartum care

You might be wondering if you really need a doula. Or, maybe you've heard of doulas. Perhaps your sister had one, but you're not sure what exactly a doula does and if having one would be helpful for you. This post is to help you learn the basics of what doula care entails, and the benefits of doula care for birth. Postpartum care is an equally important need that often goes unmet. Because traditional postpartum care is just beginning to be reintroduced in the mainstream of the United States, you may never have heard about traditional postpartum care. Or maybe you have but you aren't really sure what the reasoning behind these practices is. This post will lay out of the basics of how traditional postpartum care meets your physiological needs after baby is born. How do doulas help during birth? There is a strong evidence base to tell us that mothers/parents who have a trained doula present at birth are likely to have: a more satisfying birth experience short

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