Your unique needs for support on your journey to motherhood / parenthood are held in the center of everything we do together.

I serve families in Tacoma, Seattle and the surrounding areas. See the details of what you'll have available when you work with me below. 

Birth Doula Services 

Feel prepared and supported in your birth. You will receive emotional support, information and Birthing from Within inspired mentoring to honor your inner experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You will be supported continuously during your labor as soon as you desire me to be there for you. You will also get my hands on support to be warm, comfortable, and well-fed after the birth for the first hour.

We will have three prenatal visits and two postpartum visits in addition to the labor support and 24/7 phone, text and email support from the time you hire me through six weeks after birth. These visits give you plenty of opportunity make your needs clear, establish a relationship, and work with me to feel prepared before the intimate experience of labor and birth. In the postpartum these visits are designed to help with your postpartum needs, give you emotional support and to find a sense of closure in the postpartum period. For continued support during the postpartum, you may choose a combined doula and postpartum care package.

During our prenatal visits you will
  • receive Birthing From Within inspired mentoring
  • discuss your experience of pregnancy so far
  • do inner work using a variety of tools of your choosing including: breathwork, art, guided meditation, and movement
  • practice proper body alignment (and belly wrapping if desired)
  • explore solutions for your current concerns or discomforts 
  • plan for labor, birth and postpartum
The postpartum visits will be a time for
  • reviewing your birth experience to help you fully integrate what you have been through
  • checking in about how your postpartum plans are going
  • breastfeeding/chestfeeding support 
  • celebrating your rite of passage and new family
See details about my doula care packages.

Postpartum Care Services 

Postpartum is a time of deep healing and integration of your birth experience. Even though the postpartum goes largely unrecognized in our culture, our bodies are still doing incredible inner transformation during this time and need rest and attention for optimal healing that supports lifelong health. Your body goes through incredible, rapid changes in the nine months of pregnancy, so you deserve to give yourself the time to rest, recover, heal and learn from the incredible journey of pregnancy and birth. While the physiological may happen more rapidly, the postpartum is a tender and emotional time where your identity and daily responsibilities shift dramatically and usually take many months to adjust to. (Learn more about the benefits of extended postpartum care.)

Nutritional support, herbal support, breast/chestfeeding support, healing touch, warming with vaginal steams and moxa, rebozo closing and birth story processing are all included in my postpartum care services. The care you will receive extends beyond what is typically offered by postpartum doulas because of the inclusion of traditional care methods that facilitate deep healing in your body.

You will get customized care in the postpartum. Our visits together will be shaped by your specific needs and may include

  • nutritional and herbal support consultation
  • breast/chestfeeding support
  • healing touch (Reiki and instruction in self-massage techniques)
  • moxa
  • vaginal steam
  • sitz baths
  • birth story processing 
  • placenta processing
  • rebozo closing
**More details about each of these services is listed below this section.**

If we are working together just in your postpartum, then we will also meet prenatally so we can get to know each other and plan for your postpartum support needs. 

As your postpartum care consultant, I am available to you by phone, text and email to talk about postpartum concerns from the time you hire me and through 6 months postpartum. 

See details about my postpartum care packages.

Placenta Processing Services 

Homeopathic Placenta Preparation -- A small amount of your baby's placenta will be processed into a homeopathic remedy available as either a mother tincture or as pellets. This method retains the energetic signature of your baby's placenta and is another way that you can transition more gently into motherhood / parenthood. Families have also found this to be a gentle remedy to help with life transitions of all kinds.

Placenta Prints -- A print of your baby's placenta made on canvas board makes a lovely keepsake.

Placenta Reading -- The placenta is an incredible organ that nourishes your baby. By looking at the placenta, you can see a window into your baby's uterine world. The placenta is a source of both physiologic information about your baby's first home, and an access point to an intuitive sense of your baby and your family's journey.

Herbal and Nutritional support

With so much, often conflicting, information out there about nutrition these days, you may find you need some support with making the right decisions for you. I can offer suggestions and information for you to consider and review with your care provider. You will get individualized dietary support that meets your specific needs (including gluten intolerance, vegetarian, paleo, vegan, etc) while designing an optimal, nutrient-dense diet that will be a foundation of you and your baby's health.

Belly Wrapping

Using fabric wraps to help support your belly during pregnancy and postpartum helps with alignment to support your digestive and musculoskeletal health.

Vaginal Steaming and Moxa 

Your body loses a stunning amount of fluid volume during birth, while also being wide open physically and energetically, creating a dramatic cooling effect in your body. Bringing heat back into the body is a critical element of traditional postpartum care throughout the world.  The heat and herbs facilitate a healthy and complete recovery by increasing circulation and bringing the nourishing benefits of the herbs used into your body.

A vaginal steam is similar to a facial steam for the tissues at the base of your body. It is an excellent way to bring herbal medicine to your perineal tissues.

Moxa involves application of heat to the body by holding burning mugwort just over the womb and at the sacrum on the lower back.

Rebozo Closing 

Your bones and connective tissue transform to allow your baby room to grow in your body during pregnancy and shift even further during a vaginal birth. When you near the end of your postpartum journey and transition back into your daily life, a rebozo closing brings you an experience of closing and completion of your rite of passage. Usually done at the end of the postpartum period within ceremony it facilitates closing of your being on all levels -- physical, emotional and spiritual.

Birth Story Witnessing 

Birth is a transformational experience that is full of meaning. Telling and exploring the experience of giving birth offers an incredible opportunity for learning and growth. The opportunity to tell your story in a nonjudgemental space can be empowering and help you to integrate your new identity as a parent, especially when there were challenging aspects to your birth. Sharing your story with someone who was at your birth can be a powerful tool for reflection. You will also get a written version of the story for you to keep for your family and add to over time.


Reiki sessions are a relaxing time for you to relieve stress and receive healing, nourishing energy. I have been a Reiki Level II practitioner since 2008 and I offer Reiki as part of my doula and postpartum care support, as well as individual sessions.

See details about hourly rates and individual service pricing.

Childbirth Preparation Series (coming soon...)

While many childbirth preparation series are loaded with information and help you orient to labor as a clinical experience, there is so much more to birth and how you will experience it as a rite of passage to prepare for. I am developing a discussion-based series to prepare you for childbirth and the passage into motherhood/parenthood. Using an interactive approach we will prepare for giving birth and the postpartum period. We will focus on your inner journey into becoming a mother/parent as well as the practical side of being prepared for birth and postpartum.